Friday, January 9, 2009

Coffee, tea, a recipe?

Coffee, tea, a recipe?
Leave a comment below, and let me know if there's a particular dish you're craving. I'll cook it and post the goods here, including recipe. I'm your beck and call girl, er, cookgirl.
(And no, the boots are not for sale.)


Jessica Martiele said...

Any good minestrone recipes? I need a hearty Italian soup. Ooooooh, or one for wedding soup. That'd be FABULOUS. After all, it's soup weather!

flappergirl said...

Ah yes, two of my favorite soups ever! AND you read my mind--I am working on a wedding soup recipe to post here as I type. :) Will get some of these up and running soon. In the meantime, you might be interested in my recipe for New Year's Soup (aka Lentil Soup with ditalini). It's like a cross between pasta fagiole and minestrone. Thanks for the suggestions and keep 'em coming! xo

flappergirl said...

Hi Jessica, Here you go!

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