Friday, April 3, 2009

How do you like the new "kitchen?"

Hi guys!
I have a new layout! So what do you think of the new "kitchen?" Do you like it? Love it? Loathe it?

Don't be shy now - pull up a chair at the kitchen table and vote in the poll to the right--it is anonymous, so no matter what your thoughts are it will be your little secret. ;) And as always, I welcome comments, suggestions, recipe requests, and links to your own blogs, free poetry, and pie. :)

I remember one of my favorite F. Scott Fitzgerald passages in The Beautiful and Damned where he described the aroma of fresh-baked goods wafting onto the sidewalk from a bakery door late at night..."From the door came a smell that was hot, doughy, and pink."

The smell was pink! I just love that he described a smell as a color! Amazing writing always inspires me. And I wanted to smell that sweet, warmth visually. So that's what I was going for. Vintage, flappery, warm, doughy wallpaper in my virtual flapper kitchen. You are all welcome to come and sit at the table and have some "coffee and" here with me anytime. :) And the little birdie up there enjoys visiting the the windowsill from time to time to see which pies are cooling in the morning. ;-)


Jessica Martiele said...

LOVE the redesign! Looks very apron-y and visually appealing. Nice choice!

flappergirl said...

thanks lil mama. thanks for your feedback, as always!

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