Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tangerine Dreams and Marshmallow Skies...

You know that luscious, image-filled place we find ourselves in, just between waking and sleeping, when all is still, the pillowcase is nice and cool, and surreal images of sensual snacks swirl over your head? OK, my surreal images are decidedly not LSD-induced, but let's just say John Lennon was digging this whole vibe back in the day:

“Picture yourself on a boat by a river, with tangerine dreams and marshmallow skies…”

Back to this morning: I found myself in a dreamy, pre-dawn state, swirling on about gardens of cotton candy blossoms, marshamallow Peeps chirping in a green licorice meadow, and a sky filled with Half Moon balloons and kites made of Girl Scout cookies. Thin Mints to be exact.

See, I ordered a box a couple weeks ago from a coworker, who’s little 6-year-old was selling them for Brownies. Processed foods don’t normally fall under the definition of Flapper Food (unless it is baked with extra amounts of love or a special occasion). So the big question stands:

Can Girl Scout Cookies classify as Flapper Food?

I don’t suppose the Girl Scout’s outsourced factory conveyor belt generates a whole lotta love...but what if said cookies were sold from an adorable little girl that drew individual, personalized thank-you cards for every sale? Drawings of, say, a self portrait and a gigantic necklace? That said, can I still count my Thin Mints as Flapper Food??
I’m going out on a limb and saying YES to Girl Scout Cookies being Flapper Food! YES to snack love! YES to early-morning images of ecstatic cookies swirling around by kite strings drawn by Lucy in the Sky (with Thin Mints). ;)
OK now that we've worked that out, I'm thinking about recipe ideas...what about a Cream Pie with Thin Mint crust? Or how about a Thin Mint-ini? Hmm....I am going to have to Flapperfy these cookies into some kind of fun recipe. Comments please! Ideas, requests, and shared recipes are all welcome. Hit me up on the commment section below and let me know what you think.

Love & Snacks,

(Oh, and thanks, Lucy!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Flapper, I love your blog. How about crushed up thin mints as an ingredient to a new kind of cookie??

samantha said...

a cake with thin mint crust would be awesome!! i love those cookies. btw - i tasted a piece of the cheesecake yesterday when my dad ate the leftover slice. it was delish.

happy bday snackling! hope you have the best day on saturday! the weather certainly will be the best so far this year :)


flappergirl said...

hi fraggle!
Oh I'm glad your dad ate that piece--I wondered if he might've forgotten it was there. And I am glad you enjoyed it too!

Ah yes, a thin mint crust. Good idea...experimenting with this one will be fun!

Thanks for the early bird-day wishes. I am verrrry excited to have nice weather tomorrow!

flappergirl said...

Dear Anonymous,
That is an excellent idea--maybe thin mint chunks in addition to chocolate chips? Mmmmm love these ideas!

Jessica Martiele said...

How about a thin mint crust on a grasshopper pie? Or a thin mint mudslide milkshake with peppermint schnapps? Or maybe thin mints featured in a panna cotta? Ooooh, the possibilities are endless...

flappergirl said...

oooh grasshopper pie!!! yeeeeah girlfriend, now you're talkin! I'm inspired....Hmmmm....I wonder if the NYC Tofu Takedown judges like Girl Scout cookies....;)

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