Monday, May 11, 2009

Flapper Food Wins a Prize at the NYC TOFU TAKEDOWN!

Flapper Food came, tofu-fied and flapper-fied...and received a prize for my recipe "MR. T-Ramisu (T Stands for TOFU, Fool!)" at the 2009 TOFU TAKEDOWN at the Highline Ballroom in NYC.

I had a fantastic time yesterday, and walked home with the "Best Texture" Award YEE-HAW!! The judges (Cathy Erway and Ariko Moorman) announced that it was "so light and fluffy, you couldn't even tell there was tofu in it." MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!





Here is a dramatic, Oscar night-esque acceptance speech in blog form. ;)

"First...I want to thank God and all the little animals and flowers.... I want to thank Julia Child, Sting, and Mr. Rogers...ok ok...
FOR REAL: I want to thank Matt Timms, the host and founder of the Takedown, for being so amazingly responsive and cool and friendly! I also want to thank my nephews Tom Callahan and Tony Spoto. Tom designed the Flapper Food business card, Tony designed the Mr. T sign, and they both have been invaluable sources of support and answers for all things Flapper Food design and technology. Some amazing talent in the family--love you guys! Thanks also to my brother Ron of B2B Printing for printing up some gorgeous cards for me. Thanks bro! And of course huge thanks to my ever-supportive husband-to-be, Brad, for eating taste after taste of tofu for weeks, even when he wasn't hungry. You are a sexy guinea pig and I love you."

[bring in the orchestra and drag me off the stage...go to commercial.]

Here is a photo summary of the fun!


heather said...

what an awesome idea! would love the recipe (if you're sharing). congrats!

flappergirl said...

Hi Heather! The recipe is in the next blog posting:

Thanks for your tips and advice. Man 300 servings is a lot of food!!

Jessica Martiele said...

CONGRATULATIONS, you SEXY BEAST!!! How completely and totally awesome is THAT?! I'm SOOOOO gonna try it because it looks - as always! - DEE-VINE, and I'm so excited for you that you came, you kicked butt, and you walked away a WINNER!!!!!! WOOHOO!!! Thanks for sharing the winning recipe! Light and fluffiness, here I come! (Seriously, how many !!!'s have I used in this post?) CONGRATS AGAIN, LADY!!!

flappergirl said...

Oooh sexy beast, yeeeah no one's ever called me that before!!! LOL!

Thanks Jessica, it really was a riot. Had fun and hope to do another cooking contest in the future.

As far as the tiramisu goes, let me know how it turns out! You can also omit the tofu/oil/sugar/salt mixture and use 1 full lb. of mascarpone cheese if you wanna go traditional. :)

Thanks again mama!

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